Ray Chung’s comedy has been described as a melting pot of booze, drug awareness and resistance education, a hint of bacon, and a sucker punch to the gut.  Hailing from Orange County, Ca., Ray is both relatable and unique, and seeing him perform live is like waking up next to a friendly and intriguing moist spot, but like a hooker with a heart of gold, Ray yearns to please, and in the end everybody wins–even run-on sentences.  Ray provides the laughs with his smart, dirty, and hilarious point of view on the people and experiences in his life, and has been amusing and delighting audiences all over Southern California…Plus every comedy show needs an Asian.


After fleeing from war-torn Vietnam on a tiny fishing boat, Ray ‘s parents took their only child to America, the land of opportunity. They had opulent dreams of Ray one day becoming a grand success…until they found out that he had lost a fight to a sprinkler.

1984: Ray v.s. Sprinkler

Thus ended Ray’s brief MMA career, and if you can’t fight, you better make them laugh.

1990:  Ray told his first joke.  It was about a booger.

1992:  Ray does a great George Herbert Walker Bush impersonation.

1993 – 1998:  Ray was obsessed with BET comic view and Def Comedy Jam.  He practiced Bernie Mac routines in front of his bathroom mirror.   “Kick Ass!  You don’t understand.  I ain’t scared of you….”

1999:   Ray ran away from home and joined a gang of clowns.

1863:   Ray fought vampires with Abraham Lincoln.

2000:  Ray lived in a bunker awaiting the end of the world.  He ate nothing but jerky and Mountain Dew for a month.

2002:  Ray wrote a children’s book.  He wanted to teach kids about shapes and race.  The book was presumptively titled: “One titty, Two titty, Black titty.”

2004:  Ray called Larry H. Parker.

August 7, 2008 11:51 am:  Ray stumbled upon internet porn.

2010:  Ray watched “Eat Pray Love” then went home and ate slept masturbated.

2011:  Ray bought a recliner.

Today: Ray likes to sit in the recliner in his boxers while eating fried chicken and watching Bad Girls Club on Oxygen.  Those bitches are crazy.

When he isn’t reclining, you can catch Ray performing most nights in Los Angeles, Orange County, or somewhere in Southern California.

F*!@ sprinklers!